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Flying Car

Flying car amusement machine is a new product developed by our company.The cockpit of this model rotates forward and backward with curved guide rail, which is dynamic and smooth.It is full of exciting feeling and safe and comfortable enjoyment, which is the entertainment for the majority of teenagers.The whole machine is novel and beautiful, with gorgeous and charming lights, which brings passengers a feeling of floating in space and attracts tourists' eyes very much.In the amusement park, youth palace and other single excellent amusement facilities investment options.
Rotation speed (reversible):
Number of swings:
Swing angle:
Track radian:

The machine according to the national standard GB8408-2008 to carry on the design, manufacture, production process has a strict quality assurance system, the whole machine structure is equipped with reliable safety device, sat down with safety belt, the whole machine is through strict quality inspection before they go out, meet the national standard, before leaving the factory.


1. Capacity: 8persons (75kg x 8 persons=1200kg)

2. Rotation speed (reversible): 6rpm

3. Number of swings :20 times /min

4. Swing angle: 36 degree

5. Track radian: 6.5m

6. Sliding speed :1.8m/s

7. Power voltage: 380V50-60Hz

8. Power consumption: 4.5KW

9. Floor area: 8m*5m (40 square meters)


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