Barbecue Electric Leisure Boat for water entertainment
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Barbecue Electric Leisure Boat for water entertainment

The BBQ leisure boat is equipped with an electric propeller. There is dining table on center of boat, can place food and drinks. Under the seat with storage box, can store life jackets and the required food a day. Not only you can enjoy your own floating barbecue here, but you can also barbecue or play mahjong with friends and family. Happy barbecue while taking in beautiful views.
Loading capacity:
Total weight:
Boat dimensions:
Sunshade size:
Boat material:
  • BBQ boat-GR2500
  • Great rides
  • GR-BBQ-8


1.Main feature
1) Use American LLDPE yacht special engineering plastics, environmental protection, energy saving and recycling.

2)High strength, strong toughness, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, anti-impact, unbreakable, and wont be hit broken easily.


3)The whole boat is integrally formed at one time, seamless and without splicing and not water leakage.

4)Round hull design, many times higher than the stability of the normal hull, will not overturn.

5)Double-layer hollow design, even if the hull is partially damaged, it will not sink, it is a true boat that never sinks.


6)The railings and handrails are made of 304 stainless steel to prevent rust.

7)Pass the EU CE authority certification.

8) Applicable Water Area: calm lakes and rivers, coastal areas, park area and other water entertainment.

Application places for BBQ boat:

Boat Rental Operator

Yacht Club

Leisure space and park lake

Major scenic spots

Hotels and Restaurants with water surface

Private Custom Collection


4. Parts and details

details 22

details 33

details 11

5.Packaging & shipping

Soft package + Steel frame

1*40 feet high container can load 8 pcs of diameter 2.5m boat.

1*40 feet open top container can load 6 pcs of diameter 3.2m boat.



6.Our service

Warranty: 12 months after shipment.

7.User guide

We will provide user manual to you, and provide 7*24 hours online technology support service.


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